We are one of the leading manufacturers of Wire Harnesses. The harness is a bunch of wires which are tied to the cables or places in sleeves for putting ready into sleeves, after which they are ready to connect to multiple places with clips, connectors. So electrical wire harness can be fitted to the end of the wires. Our auto wire harness is designed to perform under extreme conditions with uninterrupted services and can sustain heavy loads. Our wire harnesses are manufactured as per customer specifications and in compliance with international quality & safety standards.

Harnesses for various application

  • Automobile wiring harness like Bus wiring harness, truck wiring harness along with wiring harnesses for four/two-wheelers.
  • Elevators  harness for lifts for the multistoried building as per the specifications of the elevator manufacturers.
  • Harnesses for home appliances like refrigerators, televisions etc.
  • Chilling plants: Electrical wire harness is extensively used in chilling plants.


  • Our IPC-certified staff is experts in the production and processing of cable and connector assemblies. They will work with you to develop a bespoke wiring harness, from the most simple, to large, complex multi-wire combinations.
  • With great experience, we are one of the top manufacturers of wiring and cable harnesses. We make bespoke harnesses for customers in a wide range of sectors, including consumer goods, mobility, automotive lighting, and commercial aviation.
  • We have an established supply chain, which enables us to keep our prices down and maximise cost efficiency. We work with subcontractors around the Pune on an OEM basis and provide a variety of LCE supply options.
  • We are proud of our reputation for short lead times and high levels of on-time delivery. Our customers can track their products throughout the manufacturing process and we set up a bespoke service structure for each order.