Fully Automatic Cut, strip And Crimping Machine

The CSC-2103 is a fully automatic crimping machine for one side termination process. It has design capabilities for maximum speed and flexibility, high precision and quick changeover, and long-term durability. Various applications are easily processed as per the requirements. This advanced state-of-the-art machine has dynamic servo controlled motors, driver, and PLC based controller and is optimized with a touchscreen.

This CSC-2013 helps save and restore the programs up to 500 types for quick product selection to avoid the delay in the programme. This machine displays the problems that it is facing and tells you the root cause of the problem too. This will facilitate you to troubleshoot the problem in a quick short time.

Quality control features of CSC-2013

Integrated crimp force analyzer
Sensor indicates the actual load after every stroke
Sensor for indication of loss or pressure
Wire run out sensor
Wire Jam sensor
Benefits CSC-2013

High productivity
Less changeover time
Up to 500 programs data restore to quick selection
Various applications usage: Only Cutting; Cutting and Stripping; Cutting, Stripping and Crimping
Short and easy setup time
Very less and negligible maintenance

Semi-Automatic Crimping Machine

The machine has enough space to accommodate applicators of more shut height than mini applicators (135.8mm shut height).

The machine has unique slow motion feature which is helpful in setting terminals & applicators.

Three different Speed option available for the operator.

Tonnage : 2 Ton, Power : Single Phase 220v AC, Motor : 0.75 KW.

Repeatability of shut height (135.8mm) is assured within few microns.


Applicators side feed and end feed type suitable for 135.8 mm shut height.

Separate applicators for each terminal.

Standard Cable Cutting And Stripping Machine

The powerful Cut-Strip-999 processes round cables up to 4 mm outer dia. And it strips both sides up to 30 mm. It has a powerful cutting and transport drives for higher production rates. It has a program memory capacity of up to 100 wires with all the processing parameters. This Cut-Strip-999 is designed in micro-processed based with hybrid stepper motors and HMI


Quick change guide tubes and blades
Simple operation with keypad
User-friendly operation
Quick programming
Mid-strip facility available (optional)


Stripping lengths – Partial strip
Stripping lengths – Full strip
Can strip single core as well as small multi-core cables
Mid-strip facility for small cables (optional)
Inch mode option to set the blades as per cables
Step run option to trace the problem if machine malfunctions
Less Wastage
Low Noise
Counter Option
No wire signal with machine stop option
Auto start delay facility to run in continuous production